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Defense Manufacturing means the weapons/instruments/technology which will be used for the purpose of providing homeland security. It is the manufacturing and finding of new weapons/instruments/technology through which Indian Government can protect India and Indians from the enemies or terrorism. Defense Manufacturing includes the things like finding new weapons which could be more effective to fight with the terrorism or enemies without harming our military people, finding new technology i.e. a new way to defend, finding ways to defend from terrorism, etc.

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Present Situation:


India is moving up on its development stages. Thus, there is an increased focus of homeland security due to which India’s demand for defense equipment has increased. India is the third largest armed forces in the world. India spent 31.1% of budget on capital acquisitions. The allocation for Defense in the Budget 2016-17 is approximate INR 2.25 Lakh Crore. India imports approx. 60% of the defense equipment.The Indian government policy of promoting self-reliance, technology up-gradation and achieving economies of scale and developing capabilities for exports in the defense sector is clear.


Working Areas: 


As Indian government is in a view of becoming a large exporter of the defense equipment in the world and has huge requirement of defense weapon/instruments/technology for its own homeland security.Thus, there is an increasing demand of working in R&D of defense manufacturing equipment to make new weapons/instrument/technology in India. Indian Government has also a plan to expand around INR 250 Million to spend within 7-8 years.


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