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Indoevano (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.Gives Speed with Accuracy

About Indovano


To be the biggest platform provider for up bringing the talent and be one of the biggest research centre of the world


To be the platform provider and research centre

About Us

Indoevano is a platform provider and research centre company. It conducts various own designed events to be a platform provider and to do research work by combining the industry and educational institutes. Indoevano is a catalyst to the companies to get their promotions, higher quality technology and hiring talented people. Indoevano is a catalyst to educational institutes for promoting themselves and involved in research work. Indoevano is a catalyst to people by promoting themselves, enhancing skill and talent and getting good opportunities, a platform to perform.

Idea Generated

Platform is a place where the person will be able to show their skill and talent within the time frame. India is known as land of brain. Here, people have many talents to do various things. But they do not get the right path or opportunity to show their talent. So, they either move out from the country or they commit the suicide or they stay at one place doing nothing or being used by the terrorist. People are not able to get the right directions to move their life to the actual path according to their talent and wish.

Experience is good for anything but only looking for the people who have experience is not good, as sometime people who are fresher do much better job than the experienced person. Today, maximum all the companies prefer hiring experienced person due to which fresher are not able to get the good opportunities. They start losing hopes and get frustrated and irritated after sometime. They are getting into bad activities or into bad actions. People are not getting the right job or rewards as per their work. So there is a requirement for certain platform where they can show and upgrade their skills.

Research Centre is a centre where new discoveries or new innovations will take place. Indian Companies are mostly small scale Industries and they do not have enough funds that they could do the R&D work for the improvement in technology or product. They take the technology which is available and start working in producing it. They face various difficulties to survive in the market. Thus, they are not able to do the R&D work. As the companies are not able to invest in R&D work, the people who want to do the research work and have done studies of that level, they are not able to get the opportunities to do something new or able to do what they want to do. So, the people do not get the opportunities or platform to show their talents and less research work take place.

As we have brains but due to lack of opportunities the people are not able to get the options to show their talents. Companies do not have enough funds to be able to do the R&D work. So, less R&D work goes in India. Thus, there is a need of such a solution where people will be able to get the platform to perform and show their talent and companies will be able to do the R&D work at lowest cost.

Indoevano is a company framed with keeping this problem in mind to give the best solution to the companies and to the people from this problem. Indoevano is designed to act as a catalyst for the people and the company where we are able to provide them a solution to get rid of this problem in an easily manner and can excel at much higher speed i.e. why the company tag line is “Gives Speed with Accuracy”.

Indoevano deals in two things basically i.e. we conduct our own designed events for talents to show their ability and another is we our working as research centre where research will be conducted.


Our own designed events is having the events which provide the platform to individuals to show their talent and enhance their skills and gives the opportunity to the companies to promote themselves and build their brand equity as well as can hire the talent.


The people who have a research idea can submit the idea to us and we will provide the facility as well as funding to them for conducting the research. Then help the successful research to be able to use for the benefit of the human beings and environment and the companies will be able to enhance their quality and technology at a reasonable price.


Company owner name is Anubhav Jain. He is MBA (Finance & Marketing) from SRM University and Graduate in Science. He is a software developer and web developer too. Anubhav has organised various successful events in his college time. He worked as a Credit Rating Analyst in Onicra Credit Rating Agency of India for 1.5 Years, and then he worked for starting his own company Indoevano- A platform provider and research centre company.

During his work in Onicra Credit Rating Agency of India, he got the opportunity to visit various manufacturing companies and has seen their production line with the financial and complete company working style. He also got the opportunity to do the MIPFV audit of Tata Motors- Commercial Vehicle Dealerships in M.P. and Chhattisgarh area.

Commitment to Work

We work with dedication, commitment made through the words; bring new innovation each time even to the same work, with creating the positive environment in and around us.


We have a dedicated team of Event Managers, Tent and Caterers, Decorators, DJs, Choreographer, Dance Group, Singing Group, Orchestra, Anchor, Security Agency and Housekeeping Agency. We have a Sales & Marketing team which look after the promotion of the events and putting them up in the markets properly.


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