Entrepreneur Spirit 2018

Entrepreneur Spirit is a  Business Plan Competition for the people who want to become their own boss. They  have an idea but don’t getting the right path then they should participate in this event. Here, we are going to provide the training as well as work out in the way where you can get fund and market your product and many more things. Entrepreneur spirit is a small step towards promoting and making new entrepreneur, a part of start-up India new ventures.

Event Date has been rescheduled 

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Entrepreneur Spirit is a Business Plan Competition for people, who want to become their own boss, have an idea but don’t getting the right path then they should participate in this event. Here, we are going to provide the training as well as work out in the way where you can get fund, market your product, get recognize and many more things. Entrepreneur Spirit is just a small step towards the StartUp India and Make in India. The phases of the Competition start with 

  • Submission of new business plan report along with Application Form, 5 min presentation about explaining their business and selling their product and the registration fee on our mail Id events@indoevano.in with the transaction id of the submitted registration fee.
  • In rest of the phases presentation, marketing, selection, training, team work will be conducted respectively.
  • In Final phase presentation will be given in front of Private Equity, Seed Fund, Bankers and judges. The Selection of winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up will be done and prize will be awarded.

This Business Plan competition is altogether different as it makes you and your business to reach to the world and builds your brand and business, gives you exposure and able to raise the funds for the business. Entrepreneur Spirit is going to support to become a recognized StartUp India Business and get benefits under StartUp India govt. policy.

So Hurry Up! Register Yourself and get your business know to the world.

Event Date has been rescheduled 

Please visit 'Time Schedule & Venue'

  • Marketing of your business idea.
  • First display of your business idea to the people.
  • Selling of your business product.
  • Getting feedback of the market and the Industry.
  • Getting fund from the funding agencies.
  • Training from the Industry experts.
  • Getting investment from the people in your business idea.
  • Time Frame of the event are as follows:

    • Phase 1- Submission                                 :20th March 2018 to 31st May 2018
    • Phase 2- Business Marketing                  :4th June 2018 to 4th July 2018
    • Phase 3-Selection                                     :5th July 2018 to 15th July 2018
    • Phase 4- One-to-One Interaction          :17th July 2018 to 27th July 2018
    • Phase 5- Training                                     :28th July 2018 to 30th July 2018
    • Phase 6- Business Marketing                 :2nd August 2018 to 2nd Sept 2018
    • Phase 7- Team Formation                       :6th Sept  2018 to 15th Sept 2018
    • Phase 8- Selection                                   :18th Sept 2018 to 22nd Sept 2018
    • Phase 9- Presentation                             :25th Sept 2018
    • Phase 10- Semi- Final Presentation       :26th Sept 2018
    • Phase 11- Final Presentation                   :27th Sept 2018

    Time Schedule can be change by Indoevano at any time 

    Terms and Conditions for Participant in the Competition:

    • Age limit: 18 years and above.
    • The participant should be citizen of India.
    • The Team member should not be more than 4 in one Business plan.
    • No participant is able to participate through more than one business plan competition.
    • Participant should not be running or involved in any business.
    • The idea should contain the innovation in it.
    • Uploading the file on time and reaching to us is purely dependent on participant and any technical issue for not reaching to us on time will not be considered.
    • Judgement of the judges will be final and no question can be raised on their decision.
    • If any person or team find to do any misuse of the activity then they will be disqualified immediately and they can't be taken back to the competition.
    • Participant should not be involved in any criminal activity.
    • Participant should not be involved with any of the political parties.

    Event Date:

    20 March 2018 - 10:00 am

    Entry Pass Quantity:

    Limited time remaining!


    Indoevano Entrepreneur Spirit
    Tel: +91-8506899940
    Email: events@indoevano.in